How Art And Writing Connects Us.

“Truth is unalterable, eternal, and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is.” ― A Course In Miracles

I write to connect with all of you. Like most humans, I feel separate and alone most of the time. You, who read this now, may come from half way across the world. We may be separated by decades of age and experience or be from completely different races, cultures, and religions but we can all relate to the ever-present helplessness, fear and disconnection we feel being part of the human race on this planet. Strange that this feeling, in reality, universally connects us all. We share the same journey; to end the control our fear has over us.

Most of us believe we need more of some THING to keep this constant fear at bay. More money, more success, more ‘friends’ and ‘likes’ on our Facebook page. Many of us will do almost anything to get these THINGS. Some of us dishonor our boundaries and compromise our true selves to feel accepted. Some even try to conquer their helplessness through intimidation; living a life of greed and unhinged aggression and taking advantage of their fellow human beings in return for a false and empty sense of superiority.


All these tactics and manipulations are defensive human staples utilized to feel, even for just a moment, a respite from our fear. The truth is, fear is not real. It is based only in the meaning our perceptions place on it. True connection is not something to be attained. It simply is…always whispering quietly in our consciousness while the world rages, trying to drown it out by repeatedly roaring the lies our experiences have ingrained in us since childhood. The greatest lie being, that the vulnerability of connection must be avoided because if anyone truly sees who we are, they will reject us. And there is nothing worse than that.

Pain and tragedy have become what defines most of our society. It is constantly screamed into our consciousness through every medium available. As it increases, it becomes almost impossible to let our guard down enough to empathize and truly SEE the other humans, all around us, who are in the same stranglehold of fear and pain we are in.

Almost every sensation we encounter is now based in an instant gratification that stems from our need to distance ourselves from this ancient pain the simplest way we know how; distraction. It is a web that both protects and suffocates us which we willingly and gratefully envelope ourselves in. Our phones, computers, and televisions have become the way to live a false life of connection through the safety of disconnection. It’s empty and transitory but it’s easier than seeing the reality of what changing honestly requires from us; facing ourselves, what has formed us, forgiving those who have had a hand in our formation, and ultimately forgiving ourselves. It is a momentous undertaking and understandably the most terrifying thing any of us can attempt.


Because our past seems to reflect our future destiny, we don’t expect to see things transform and we are blind to it when they do. If possibility is not within our Rolodex of life experiences, we don’t recognize the warmth of hope when it shines on our face.

Still, most of our energy is put into imagining what life would be like if these defensive walls of reservation we have built around ourselves would just evaporate. If only we had more time and money, then we’d feel safe. If only we were thinner or more popular, then we’d feel accepted. If only we had more outside sources of love, then we’d finally feel adequate in our own skin.

It’s comforting to blame the external world for our fears. If it’s the outside world’s fault then I don’t have to take responsibility for how my life turns out and I’m off the hook from the fact that I avoided recognizing the transformation that was desperately waiting to be embraced by me. It’s distressing to accept that we have always had the power at any moment to live our lives to the fullest and have chosen to deny it out of fear.

Yet, if we can forgive ourselves for getting lost in the human condition and being controlled by our fears, just as everyone else has, we can finally BE in the present moment and realize, everything is made from atoms. If everything originates from the same energy source, then there is only ONE entity. We are part of an all-encompassing presence that embodies all of us. Therefore, whether we recognize it or not, we have always been one. You and I have never been strangers. We were never separate. I am you. You are me. We are one.

All of you are precious to me because of this and I am with you in this present moment as we journey  towards the realization that we are all one and always have been. Peace be with you all.


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